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What are the current threats to democracy?

This episode of PrimeTime Politics‘ five-part series, “Trust, Truth and 2019” explores how democracy is under threat from both within and outside of Canada.  CPAC’s Peter Van Dusen outlines what to watch for and what individuals can do to inform and protect themselves from bad actors.  Kevin Chan, Global Director and Head of Public Policy at Facebook Canada is in the studio to discuss Facebook’s responsibilities around fighting disinformation, organized hate and conspiracy theories on their platform.

Watch the first episode on “The Issues”, examining the key areas that could that have the potential to affect votes in the upcoming federal election.

Featuring: Kyla Kakfwi Scott (Senior Advisor, Government of the Northwest Territories), Taylor Owen (Beaverbrook Chair in Media Ethics and Communications, McGill University), Sarada Peri  (former Obama speechwriter and communications strategist), David Coletto (Abacus Data), Elizabeth Dubois (Assistant Professor, Communications, University of Ottawa), Craig Silverman (Media Editor, Buzzfeed News) and Michael Morden (Research Director, The Samara Centre for Democracy)

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